Brad & Tina Marx. Mayville, WI.

We are absolutely thrilled with the dog that we got from Bird Crazy Gun Dogs!! Onyx has been an absolute blessing to our family. She has been the most loving dog we could ask for.What really impressed us was her incredible ability to hunt and retrieve birds at such a young age. Onyx was less than eight months old when Steve and Amy started her training per our request. My two boys and myself are avid hunters and we wanted to have a dog available for the 2019 season that could replace out 11 year old chocolate Lab. We had huge hopes for a very young dog, that deep down we knew probably wouldn't happen in her first season.

Well we couldn't have been more wrong. This dog completely blew us away the entire season and met every hope and expectation that we had of her. She was excited for every hunt, but was easily controlled and well behaved. She made over 300 retrieves for ducks. Onyx was hunted on a boat, and in the fields. She excelled at both.

Because she was doing so well, we decided to give Pheasant hunting a try this year. We will be the first to admit, that we are absolute rookies at upland game hunting. Yet, Onyx made it very easy for us. Her ability to retrieve ducks were matched by her ability to get on Pheasants for us. Her nose and incredible drive made sure everyone of our hunts were successful. When she got on a bird she would kick it into another gear and work hard to find it, then she would go into a rock solid point. She would hold that point until we commanded her to flush the bird for us. Wow what an incredible experience!!

If you are not sure where to get your next dog from, look no further. This place is for real. Steve and Amy are exceptional to deal with, and they are a top notch business.

Thank you to both of you for a great experience, and thank you for the best dog that anybody could ask for.

Gracie is now about 19 months old and has had one duck season under her belt. I can proudly say that she is a huge success in every aspect of her life from retrieving to winning the hearts of myself, my wife and two daughters. The personality this girl has is so fun. She has so much curiosity for the world around her and is always wanting to learn. She is a joy to have in our family, and out on the water. Last duck season was one for the books at our place in Mississippi and she took on the task like a champion, sometimes hunting under 4 guns at just ONE YEAR OLD. Gracie shows great patience and obedience in the blind, never whining or losing attention. I am so happy with my sweet girl Gracie. I want to thank Steve and Amy Pappas at Bird Crazy Gun Dogs every day for her.

Brad & Christie ,  WI.

Steve and Amy, and their puppies are as advertised. They welcomed us into their home for introductions and then every time we asked to visit and play with the puppies. The one that ultimately selected us is an excellent pheasant and grouse hunter/retriever, and the sweetest of family dogs. Lovable and gentle with young and old alike. She is equally at home out for a walk or jog, playing fetch, or watching Sunday football. We highly recommend Bird Crazy Gun Dogs for a great dog and a great overall experience.

Ed & Jill Konopasek, DePere WI.

My wife Jill and I put our Lab down in the fall of 2018.  Now that we are empty nesters we decided that after 32yrs with dogs we would take a little break and play it by ear in terms of when to bring our next Lab home. We talked about waiting at least 2 years. About 6 months in we both started talking about how empty our home and lives were without a dog. So in the evenings we started trolling the internet and making some phone calls trying to find the right breeder. We told ourselves that it would take time and when we found the right breeder we would know.  Our previous Labs were big leggy guys and perfect gentlemen in our home and of course wonderful upland dogs that lived to retrieve. We were hopeful that lightning could strike once more and that we could find clones of our earlier Labs. We live in Wisconsin and one kennel kept coming up in our research - Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. We have a friend who is a professional trainer and he was very familiar with some of the dogs coming out of Steve and Amy's operation. He went to say several of his current clients have dogs from Steve and Amy and that they were outstanding dogs with good home/hunt balance. After several encouraging phone calls with Steve and Amy we decided to take a road trip and visit their kennel, and still promising ourselves it wasn't time for a new dog. Well after seeing their spotless operation and grounds and having a chance to meet the female yellow's in their kennel, we were struck with the striking appearance of the girls. Big square heads and broad muscular chests and full of energy and very social. As luck would have it Steve and Amy were boarding an 8 month old yellow male for a client. This particular dog was absolutely a reincarnation of our previous Labs. My wife and I were both encouraged with what we saw and asked about possible litters and projected dates. We left the kennel that afternoon letting Steve and Amy know we liked what we saw and were possibly interested but still wrestling with the timing of bringing a new dog home. Five minuets into our car ride home my wife said  "you know if we could get a male yellow that had a shot at looking like the one we just saw I think I would take a dog as soon as we could get one". Turns out I felt the same way and we ended up calling Steve and Amy and got a bit more serious. Shortly after this point Amy called and let us know that they were going to breed Sammy and Chuck and if things went well they were going to have a litter in the early November time frame ready for pick up. The pedigrees were shared with us and we took the time to speak with folks much more knowledgeable than us and all who say the papers said you couldn't hardly go wrong. The deal was cinched when we saw 3 lines back genetics from our earlier Labs out of Candlewood. So we consummated the deal and stepped up to the plate a full year earlier than we initially planned but absolutely convinced we were knowing we had done our homework.

Today marks week one with our new Lab Hank. Even at 8.5 weeks there is no doubt he is going to be a big leggy guy, perfect gentleman in the house and has already shown strong interest in birds and bringing back a puppy bumper. He has obviously stolen our hearts and will rule the roost for as long as we are fortunate enough to have him. The entire experience with Bird Crazy Gun Dogs and the knowledge, caring and patience Steve and Amy showed us through the process was second to none - well done!

Last May we purchased a female yellow lab from Steve and Amy. Right from the beginning she's been an excellent dog. We were so pleased she was crate trained when we brought her home. The first night she happily slept in her crate until early morning. At around 6 months she spent 4 weeks with Steve and Amy for hunting and obedience training. While at training, we observed her steady improvement each week. At her young age, she is already an excellent hunter, retrieving 40 birds to date! We are also pleased with her gentle temperament. She is an excellent hunter in the field and a wonderful companion in the house. Not only are Steve and Amy great trainers, they are very knowledgeable about breeding, researching, and testing their dogs for good genetics.

We are pleased with our entire experience with Steve and Amy and of course, our dog, Poppy!

Marc Gonsiorowski, Milton WI.

Stop looking anywhere else! Give Steve and Amy a call. My best buddy is a fantastic female black lab that came from their female and the top male of the top lab breeder in the state. If you read their self description at the front page, it is 100% spot on. This is not your average breeder. My experience was one in a million. My puppy was raised inside their home. My two girls and wife and I went there every week from week 3 to week 7 to visit the puppies. They were cared for better than if it were myself. I bought my dog first as a family pet, and secondly as my hunting partner. Steve gave me tips on how to train her, and my one year old buddy hunts better than I ever dreamed. She started retrieving bumpers in the hallway at 7 weeks, and was gun trained at 10 weeks, socialized at every opportunity, bird trained by Steve at 6 months old, and retrieved marks in tall grass at 80 yards before she left school. I hunted with her this duck season, and we had the best of times. She was fantastic for a dog that is only 1 year old. Absolutely amazing. I am overjoyed with my experience and my hunting partner (crazy Sheba Nelli). If you want to see photos, ask Steve and Amy. We send them pictures all the time. If you want to talk to me about my dog, call Steve, and Amy for my number. But be prepared to hear me brag for an hour.

Jim Kohl, Cross Plains WI.

If you are in the market for a waterfowl or upland bird dog, Steve Pappas is a world class breeder and trainer. Steve and Amy Pappas own Bird Crazy Gun Dogs near Portage Wisconsin. I have known Steve for 35 years. He has assisted me with my last couple of yellow Labs, and I am excited about Jo Jo, our 1 year old yellow female. She comes from the Pappas kennels. She already hunts like a veteran. She is remarkable in the field, and a great dog in our home. I credit Steve and Amy with her temperament, her behavior, and the quality of her hunting skills. As a sales representative for Browning  Arms company, I interact with dozens of field dogs every year, and I hear all the horror stories.

You will not be disappointed with your experiences with Steve and Amy.

Mike Nice, Richland Center, WI.

I thought everyone only deserves one good hunting dog in a lifetime. Then I met Steve and Amy and now I'm on my way to my second and probably the best yellow lab I've ever had. Lu Lu is so special as she turns up the intensity when it's game time but yet is able to turn it down at home. That to me is special. Lu Lu is now 15 months and in the process of becoming a service/work dog due to my profession and still remain an outstanding hunting companion in the field. This dog has the ultimate  demeanor for training and the family.

I encourage all to check out Bird Crazy Gun Dogs.

 Mitch & Zita

Sandra Firkus & Mitch Schuh, Boyd WI.

Steve and Amy's dogs are my perfect view of a Labrador. I was looking for a dog for my boyfriend and I told him the only way he would get a Labrador was if I picked the breeder. (Yes I am very particular about the look and health of my dogs). After months of searching I came across Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. Their dogs met my need for looks immediately and when I read how their dogs have the ability to switch from hunting mode to family mode it only made my decision easier. I quickly contacted them when I saw a litter coming up in the future with Shelby and Chuck. Chuck stole my hart with his handsome good looks and I knew I wanted one of his pups. All their dogs have a consistent style.  After talking with Amy for the first time I knew I had found the perfect breeder for our first Labrador.

I have raised dogs my whole life, from mixed breeds to purebred Great Danes, and never have I seen so much natural instinct and abilities bred into a dog. She is the first hunting dog we have raised and our jaw drops every time we work her in the field. At just 4 months old we tried our first duck retrieving experience and she was a totally different dog as she kicked into hunting mode. As soon as we put it away, she was back to our lovable, pleasing fur baby. About a month later we hid a variety of birds in a grassy field and took "Zita" downwind with no pre-introduction to the birds. She exhibited a great deal of drive and we were astonished at how fast she honed in on the first bird once she caught a small whiff. It was like she had been doing it for years. We never thought a 5 month old puppy could excel so quickly especially when we only worked with her on birds every couple of weeks. Now at 8 months, this girl gives it her all with anything we ask of her. She never skips a beat and improves upon herself each time we send her on a retrieve.

If you are looking for a hard working dog that wants to please and get the job done, then you have found the right place with Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. We cannot stress enough how their dogs go from being a loving, loyal family companion (even though she is a diva, witch we wouldn't have it any other way) to a kick ass hunting machine instantly. We want to thank Steve and Amy for breeding dogs with undeniable drive and determination while still having that classic look. Their dogs are not your typical crazy and obsessive Labs at home, but in the field, switch and release your Bird Crazy Gun Dog.

Jim Host, St. Louis MO.

In 2017 after 3 previous great hunting companions and members of our family I needed a new gun dog. A friend recommended Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. I gave Steve and Amy a call and I was impressed with their passion for their craft. They love what they do and producing awesome dogs for the field and the home is not an accident. So I took a leap and almost 4 years later I could not be happier!

Yogi was a little shy at first and I was concerned. Amy patiently talked me through training techniques but mostly assured me everything would be just fine. She knew her dogs and their breading and ultimately Amy knew Yogi would turn out like what I now expect all Bird Crazy Gun Dogs to be, Loyal, loving, friendly, and bird crazy in the field.

I've been hunting a St. Louis Mississippi flyway club for 25 years and I've been around a lot of dogs and a lot of hunters. We revel in stories of our hunts and tales of our dogs. It's a competitive bunch and compliments aren't given too easily. This year Yogi received the ultimate compliment from a fellow hunter who's been hunting for over 40 years. He said, "I think Yogi is the best dog we have out here and one of the best, all time." I was floored and like a father, so proud of my four legged friend.

She just loves to retrieve. Out of the blocks she goes 100% and she doesn't slow down until the bird is in my hand. The biggest compliment I can pay Steve and Amy is that I wouldn't hesitate to call them for my next Lab & I recommend them highly to anyone wanting a beautiful Bird Crazy Gun Dog.

Aaron Voight, Marshal WI.

My wife and I were in the market for our first Labrador Retriever, whose main goal was to be our waterfowl companion, but still be a friendly family dog. Let me tell you, Bird Crazy Gun Dogs did not disappoint. We were so excited to get our first pup together as a married couple, and we did a lot of research before reaching out to Steve and Amy at Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. They were so welcoming right from the start, spending as much time as we wanted answering any and all questions we had. They are honestly some of the nicest people you could meet. and I could tell right from the start that they care about their dogs and the puppies they produce. Steve and Amy are constantly striving to produce the best Labs possible, Labs that will be excellent hunters with great drive for retrieving, but also Labs that can shut it off and be the best family dogs you could have. It was a no brainer after meeting Steve and Amy, that our first pup would be coming from Bird Crazy Gun Dogs.

When the puppies were born, my wife and I took trips up every weekend once they were 3 weeks old until they were ready to go home at 7 weeks. It was so much fun playing with the puppies and watching them grow week after week, witch you don't always get with other breeders. Their facilities are also top notch, the cleanest we have ever seen. Our boy Duke comes from Etta and Chuck, and he is just a beautiful animal. We get compliments all of the time on how handsome and well behaved he is. People are always asking where we got him, and we gladly tell them Bird Crazy Gun Dogs.

We decided to train Duke on our own under the guidance of some training books to see how it would go, and we felt like we were already a step ahead just based on Duke's outstanding genetic background. He was a quick learner and with some patience, really started to show his potential. We decided to take Duke hunting at 9 months old for the Wisconsin early goose season and he did fantastic for his age. His drive to retrieve was outstanding. He got better with every hunt and truly loved tagging along for the rest of the waterfowl season. Duke is part of our family and we know we will have a best friend for many years to come. We can't thank Steve and Amy enough for giving us the best dog we could ever imagined. We will never question where our next hunting companion will come from, the answer will always be Bird Crazy Gun Dogs.

Thanks again Steve and Amy for everything you have done and will continue to do for years to come!

Wisconsin Labrador Retriever breeder.

Dennis and Sandra Kempken, Winneconne WI.

Dylan & Samantha with Briggs

Nick & Kris Hengel, Onalaska, WI.

When the time came for another duck dog and family companion we checked with several breeders. Then we discovered Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. What a blessing! Steve and Amy are first class breeders and the pedigrees of their dogs are very impressive. We chose a male yellow Lab pup sired by Chuck and born to Jo Jo. What a magnificent animal!. So smart and easy to train with a super disposition. At 10 weeks old he was potty trained, slept all night, doesn't bark, retrieves to hand, heels and sits on command, and goes in the water on his own! I am at best a novice trainer, but this little guy catches on to his training so fast it has been easy and so much fun for my wife and I.

If you are searching for a gun dog and family companion that's great with children you will be so happy with a puppy from Steve and Amy at Bird Crazy Gun Dogs.

Willem & Mary Jordan Lamar, Jackson MS.

We lost our 10 year old Lab who I considered to be a once in a lifetime dog. We began searching for a new hunting buddy and family pet when we came across Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. They stood out because they put a lot of emphasis on their desire to breed dogs that are easy to train and well behaved at home. I can honestly say that is exactly what we got with our Gracie, We have fallen in love with her. She is beautiful, obedient, smart, and wants to please. She has also fallen in love with us, which is so important to us. Steve and Amy were very hands on when picking Gracie for us since we live so far away and we could not be more pleased with their pick. They made the process delightful and exciting sending pictures every week. Their care and attention to detail when it comes to their dogs is apparent. Our Gracie shows great potential and I can already tell she is our second once in a lifetime dog, and for that we are so grateful. We look forward to being a part of her success.

bird crazy gun dog reviews

Jeff & Rocket

Craig & Jane Olson, Amery WI.

My wife and I have raised and trained hunting dogs in our home for 40 years. We had to say goodby to our 14 year old yellow Lab Willow in the spring of 2019. This prompted me to do several months of research to find a new breeder. I made many phone calls to breeders in South Dakota, MN Iowa and Wisconsin. My search for our sixth Lab puppy needed to include some breeding from well known Candlewood lines in her pedigree. I finally had a long, informative phone conversation with Amy Pappas. She explained the desired traits that she and Steve are breeding for in their Lab puppies. Amy emphasized the contribution of their females to the litter's traits. Amy described the DNA tests they have done to check for specific gene markers. Having taught Science and Genetics for many years, I was impressed with Steve and Amy's knowledge and attention to detail in raising great Yellow Lab puppies!

Dakota just completed her first hunting season. The progress she has made to date is Amazing! She has hunted/retrieved ducks, Pheasants, and Grouse in South Dakota and Wisconsin. Dakota shows great drive and style when she retrievers ducks. This past October I watched with pride as she marked a drake mallard and made a 60 yard water retrieve from the bullrushes. My son and I were impressed with Dakota's improvement each day as we hunted South Dakota public land Pheasants in November. Dakota naturally quarters and periodically pauses to check on our progress. She had learned to investigate likely looking cover and loves hunting heavy cattails and rushes. She trails by foot scent, and test the wind with her head held high for body scent. She even caught the scent of a rooster in the wind that was 100 yard away. We were both surprised when she trailed and then pointed  a rooster for my son. Dakota recently pointed another December rooster in a snow covered WPA here in northwestern WI for an easy shot and retrieve! Dakota is a loving, beautiful Yellow Lab that is liked by everyone. She was very careful around our young Grandchildren when they were here visiting last summer. I found her to be tireless as we practiced marked water retrieves.Dakota quickly learned to associate the sound of a shotgun with birds as we introduced her to pen raised Pheasants. She is smart and quick to learn new skills. Dakota excels in the uplands hunting Pheasants. I love the way she hunts for me rather than just for herself. If you want to find a yellow Lab that will develop into a faith full, loving companion and hunting dog, give Steve and Amy a call. They truly breed for "Bird Crazy Gun Dogs"!

Mike & Jennifer Zajicek, West Bend WI.

After the devastating loss of our Labrador Retriever last August, my husband and I were referred to Bird Crazy Gun Dogs where we met Amy and Steve. We have owned Labs for many years and have used various trainers in the past but NOTHING compares to the breeding and training program at Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. We knew right away after our first visit with then that this is where we were going to get our next family member. The facility is impeccably clean and all the puppies are raised inside their house and get the utmost care and socialization. One month after our first visit we brought home a beautiful yellow Lab puppy that we named Brie. What impressed us the most about the breeding program is the great care Amy and Steve take to ensure that all their dogs have great genetics, strong hunting backgrounds and wonderful personalities. At 10 months Brie started the 4 week training program at Bird Crazy Gun Dogs and within her first week she was already flushing and retrieving birds. Steve and Amy use a very natural approach to training which makes it lots of fun for the dogs and their owners. It is simply amazing!!!  We are so excited to see our Brie hunt this fall. She will not only be a great upland gun dog but has mastered swimming and will be an incredible water fowl retriever. On top of it all, she is such a sweet, well mannered dog and truly a blessing to have come into our lives during a very sad time.

Thank you Amy and Steve for sharing your knowledge, time and staying true to the Labrador Breed.

Mark Iten, Kotzebue Alaska.

I just wanted to thank you for Abby, she has turned out to be an Excellent hunting companion, and companion in general. She is one of the most intelligent hunting dogs I have ever owned. When hunting she is always alert and tireless, and up here above the arctic circle in Alaska it can be pretty miserable and cold in the ocean water. When at home she has a totally different attitude, calm and willing to do what ever you ask. I have attached a few photos of her hunting. The photo of her with HER tundra swan was when she was 6 months old, the other one is from this year at 1 1/2 year old.

Thanks again.

Dylan & Samantha Moore, Briggsville WI.

when it came to finding a Lab for hunting our decision was very easy once we met Steve and Amy. Their passion and knowledge they have for their dogs is unlike anything we'd ever seen. To be able to get a world class hunting and family dog, have it trained and field ready, have access to quality dog food, and to have great accommodations all by the same people and location is very hard to come by!

Our yellow Labs time spent at Bird Crazy Gun Dogs was beyond worth it! The 4 week program excelled our dog into the hunting machine he is now. While their training program is tailored towards upland bird hunting, they give your dog the skills and drive needed to easily transition into waterfowl hunting. Our Lab had over 200 birds shot over him in his first year. We have gotten numerous compliments on our dog. Because of his hunting ability you would never believe he's only one year old as he hunts like a seasoned dog.

You owe it to yourself and the dog to have it trained and trained right!.

Ethel & Jed, with Josh

Randy & Heather Gerber, Monroe WI.

I contacted Amy a few weeks after having to put our big boy down from Lymphoma that came on fast. Our house was so quiet without a dog. I told Amy what we were looking for and a little bit of our story and she was so compassionate and caring we knew right away they would have the perfect dog for us. A few weeks went by and our boy was born. I remember Amy calling on Easter. We were so excited to meet him. They had 2 yellow males and we fell in love with our Jax at first sight. It's only been almost 2 months and are completely in love. He is so smart learned to sit, shake, and lay down in a week. He walks great on a leash and loves greeting people on walks or events at the town square. Thank you so much again Amy and Steve.

P,S, Jax is trying to get Tic Tok famous with all his crazy shenanigans.

Jo Jo

Margaret with Kodi & Rigby

9 Month old Duke

Jeff & Kim Price, Omro, WI.

A Bird Crazy Gun Dogs (BCGD) Perspective--Rocket's Review (a thank you from an appreciative puppy)

Rocket, our one-year old black Lab from BCGD wanted us to share with you the top 10 reasons why BCGD and Amy and Steve are the BEST!

#10 Approachable: Whether a phone call, tour, training, or just talking, Amy and Steve are always there for you. "Really. I'm not kidding; they are."

#9 Impressive, first class accommodations: "I was very lucky and stayed in their wonderful house when I was born. I had a fun time in their inside kennels and spent 4 weeks in their outdoor kennels for training and they were all so neat and clean".

#8 Fully stocked essentials and accessories: "They have a great store with healthy food and everything from whistles to leashes. Kim and Jeff really like their hats too".

#7 Expert breeding and training: "If I do say so myself".

#6 Wisdom and Passion for all dogs and their owners: "Just ask Jeff and Kim".

#5 Knowledge and caring: "Ask any questions. Trust me, they even answer the embarrassing ones".

#4 Comprehensive service: "One location for everything from puppies like me to quality care, and I should know".

#3 Professional, expert, and fun training program: "Well worth the money! I learned to retrieve Pheasants, and Steve and Amy even let Kim, and Jeff go along!"

#2 Evidence-based achievement: "I have already retrieved 107 Pheasants and Chuckers, and that was before I turned one year old!"

#1 We LOVE Amy, Steve, and Bird Crazy Gun Dogs!!

(P.S I get my sleek looks from my parents, Kay, and Chuck, thanks to Amy and Steve.")

Ed & Shelly Ladwig, Lodi WI.

When we decided to get another puppy we knew we wanted a yellow Lab. My husband wanted a bird hunting dog and I wanted a "snuggling" dog. We both got what we wanted from Bird Crazy Gun Dogs! When we went to look at the facility and met Steve and Amy they were so friendly and understood exactly what we were looking for. They were so knowledgeable and they taught us so much. We enjoyed going to visit our puppy and play with her before we could bring her home. They were so willing to help you with your puppy training and you can call them if ever you have questions! I really liked that help as this was only our second dog we ever had. We have a wonderful dog who listens and has a great demeanor.

We will always get our dogs from Steve and Amy!.

1 year old Hank

Wade & Keri Hall, Fredericksburg, VA.

After losing our 13 year old female yellow Lab in 2016 we hoped and prayed for a new female puppy that could live up to our desires of a loving family member that can also hunt. Looking for superb breeding lines and a highly recommended breeder of yellow Labs, several sources directed us to talk to Amy & Steve Pappas of Bird Crazy Gun Dogs.

After a thorough review, we called Amy and in July of 2017 picked up our female yellow Lab, Chance. She is from a litter of Charlie & Chance. Picking up Chance we could see that all the dogs and pups at Bird Crazy Gun Dogs were loved and part of the Pappas family. Amy & Steve actively communicated with us through the breeding process, kept us informed on the delivery and sent nice photos of the new and growing pups. We were provided exactly the future family member we hoped for. Amy and Steve gave us all the information we needed to safely get Chance home to Virginia.

Chancy Girl is now a year old and has grown into a wonderful all around family member. She's also working well to become a great hunting companion. She swims like a fish! She has a loving demeanor and an aggressive hunting spirit. Smart, learns quickly, and never backs down from a challenge. Clearly evident that she has great breeding lines.

 Chance is now the envy of our Virginia neighborhood. We are consistently asked "Where did you get such a beautiful and loving puppy?" We just tell them "Bird Crazy Gun Dogs!'

Well done and thanks to Amy & Steve!

Christine & Erik Weisensel, Sun Prairie, WI

Bird Crazy Gun Dogs wasn't our first choice for breeders when we wanted to add another member to the family in 2018, along with a hunting partner to our 9 year old Lab.  The knowledge, care and understanding of Steve and Amy was immediately evident during our first meeting and we knew we were in the right place. We quickly understood we were dealing with breeders who knew what they were talking about, understood their dogs and had high standards in their breeding. Their facility is top notch! Clean and they are happy to show it off. Their facility is the best I've seen compared to other breeders we have dealt with in the past. We could not be happier with Steve and Amy's openness and ease of purchasing a great looking, well behaved pup.

Jeff & Judy White, Kirkland IL.

We have a four month old yellow Lab from Steve & Amy. We have had many great Labs throughout our lives. So far this little man is the best temperament and ease to train than any we have had. It shows that Steve and Amy take significant efforts in addition to great physical attributes to breed excellent temperament and intelligence in their puppies. Our Vet was impressed with this puppy, going on and on about his great personality, stating he has controlled exuberance! That is what we wanted in a puppy, a very active energetic puppy that also can calm and be the perfect cuddly house pet. That is what we got from Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. Zuma goes outside and chases the ball with crazy drive energy and then will come in and snuggle up on my lap. Perfect dog to have! Although it has only been 4 months Amy and Steve repeatedly show that they really care about their puppies and how they are doing in their new home. This was very evident when we picked our puppy up. Each one seems like it is loved as if it was the only one in their home. What a great start for a puppy. Zuma has been the most enjoyable dog for us to train and of course to fall in love with. We are not planning on him to be a hunting dog but he already is running through agility tunnels and following hand signals consistently! What we received was a very energetic, smart, eager to please puppy that can be controlled and then calm down to be a super loving, snuggling, sweetheart. Perfect!!!.

Regardless of your goal for a puppy I would not hesitate one bit to recommend buying a puppy from Steve and Amy.


Chip and Sue Courtney, Medford WI.

When we decided to purchase another Lab puppy we had a list of criteria that were essential for us including certified health, excellent breeding with some FC, MH, or SH titles in the past 3 generations, a reasonably calm demeanor, excellent drive, and well socialized since birth. Our dog needs to be first a great household companion and then a great hunter. After doing much research we visited Steve and Amy at Bird Crazy Gun Dogs . We saw their kennel, whelping area, met the mother of the pups, and got to watch them do some training. Their passion for the breed and love of the dogs was obvious immediately. Their whole operation is spotlessly clean and they are very attentive to all of the dogs - especially the pups. We've only had our new family friend Ozzy for a week now but I know we've found the dog that we were hoping to find. He loves people and all other animals. He's not afraid of new situations or things and he has a good "off switch" considering he's a Lab puppy. He's already learned "come" and "sit"and loves to chase a Pheasant wing on a string. He has a great nose and is very inquisitive. We are grateful to Amy and Steve for giving us the opportunity to add Ozzy to our family. We're looking forward to many years of companionship with him. I would absolutely recommend Bird Crazy Gun Dogs and Steve and Amy to anyone interested in a pup.

If you have the same criteria that we did I highly doubt you'll find a better breeder or a better dog !

1 year old Gracie

Matt Reid & Margaret Suprak, Racine WI.

It was with a large hole in our harts from the loss of our first hunting/ running partner that my husband and I began our search. We were beyond disheartened and shocked by the practices of many breeders. We then found Bird Crazy Gun Dogs and knew immediately after our first conversation with Amy that we found the perfect match. From our initial conversation it was clear that Steve and Amy were extremely knowledgeable, ethical and passionate. Not only were we allowed to visit and meet them and their dogs, but we were encouraged to do so. The training facility and grounds are impeccable. We were immediately smitten by the dogs, especially Chance. We knew we wanted one of her pups and were beyond excited to welcome Rigby to our hearts a few months later. We were encouraged to visit often. Rigby is almost 2 and possesses the most perfect Labrador features, a true testament to his lineage. We were amazed at his trainability, temperament and instinct. My husband began his training and repeatedly insisted that Rigby was born to retrieve. He came home from Pheasant hunting raving like a proud daddy about his fabulous new hunting partner. Although a non hunter, I am an avid outdoors woman so I decided to join the next trip. WOW was I impressed. Having been involved with his training it was very evident that his training was being supplemented by pure natural instinct and talent. His drive and intensity was amazing. Wanting to keep Rigby challenged off season he and I began agility training. The trainer was amazed that he was a beginner. No matter were we go or what we do we get compliments on our perfect dog. He is a snuggly sweetheart to everyone from our young nephews to my 96 year old grandmother. He loves water and is completely at home on the boat and at the marina. Having so much fun we decided to expand our family and just welcomed Kodi to our hearts. Our boys are true brothers, Chance and Charlie boys. Kodi is a few months old and already excelling. The knowledge that Steve and Amy have shared with us has been invaluable.

Steve and Amy are the best of the best when it comes to breeding and training top notch Labradors.

Abby at 6 months old, above the arctic circle

Jeff & Katie Bloomer, Sun Prairie, WI.

A dog is a family member, a companion and an investment. When it came time for us to get a hunting dog we researched a lot of breeders and their dogs and made site visits. After visiting Bird Crazy Gun Dogs, we instantly knew we wanted a Lab pup from Steve and Amy. They have a passion for their dogs, this is evident when you meet them. During our visit we met a few of Steve and Amy's dogs and were very impressed with their looks and temperament. Thought is put into each breeding. Their dogs have instinct in the field but are able to come back home and turn it off to be a family dog. Puppies are raised in their home and exposed to people, different sounds and smells from day one.

We had our Lab bird trained by Steve and Amy. If you plan to bird hunt your dog, we recommend Bird Crazy Gun Dogs for training. The second week of training we stopped out to watch our pup in action and he was flushing birds and retrieving. Steve and Amy are very knowledgeable. We tagged along during training and were given tips and advice to take home with us to use for successful hunts. Our pup is now 18 months old and so much fun to watch out in the field. He is an exceptional bird dog and we all have a blast.

We are happy with how our pup performs in the field but even more important to us is how he interacts with people, especially our toddler. He is loving, gentle and very tolerant. We have a lot of respect for Steve and Amy and their program. They truly care about their dogs and love to get updates on how their pups are doing.

We couldn't be happier with our dog and strongly encourage a dog from Bird Crazy Gun Dogs.

Rob & Lisa Wendorf, Plover, WI.

My wife and I lost our previous yellow Lab in July. We both thought maybe our Sammy was the last Lab we would ever have as our kids are grown and in college. In August, our kids started asking us if we would ever consider getting another Lab. As my wife and I deeply love Labs, we thought maybe that is some thing we should consider but only if we found the right breeder. So we stated looking for breeders across the Midwest and found very few that interested us. That was until we found Bird Crazy Gun Dogs owned by Steve and Amy Pappas right in our back yard in Portage WI. While reviewing their information and noticed that they were expecting a litter in mid- September. We started our communication by email and finally speaking with them to get a good feeling of who they are and what level of passion they have in breeding Labradors. Steve and Amy asked if we would like to come out and tour their facility. When we arrived  it was an immediate WOW!! out of both of us. Their entire facility was spotless. It was unlike any other breeding facility we had ever been to in the past. While we could go on and on about the impressive facilities they have, it was even more amazing how impressive Steve and Amy were when we started talking to them about their history and involvement in breeding and training Labs. Their knowledge, experience, passion, and their love of breeding and training high quality Labs was amazing. We spoke and toured their facility for almost two hours seeing everything they had to offer. The entire Bird Crazy Gun Dogs experience sold us on the spot. It was then, we told Steve and Amy that we wanted to purchase one of their male pups being born in mid- September. Finally the day arrived and we could go pick up our newest member of our family. We brought home our new puppy and named him Gunner. When we got Gunner home the love and caring did not end. Steve and Amy were always interested in Gunners progress and were checking in with up periodically to see how he was doing. Steve and Amy were always available to answer questions or to provide training tips for us. This level of care and commitment from Steve and Amy clearly shows how vested they are in their dogs success and happiness of their customers. We cannot believe how lucky we were to find a breeder of this quality. Steve and Amy have a first class facility, first class dogs and better yet, Steve and Amy are first class people. We brought Gunner back to Steve and Amy to receive his 4 week gun dog training. Steve and Amy offered us the opportunity to come down and watch the training drills they were running him through. It was amazing to have the chance to watch and learn from two highly successful professionals. Gunner is now retrieving on both land and water without hesitation. It is unbelievable that a dog can perform this well at just 10 months old.

If you are looking for the best Lab you will ever own, we certainly recommend Bird Crazy Gun Dogs and owners Steve and Amy Pappas. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a Lab as a family member or a hunting partner, you need to visit their facilities as you will not be disappointed with your experience.

Thank you so much Steve and Amy for a first class dog, and a first class experience. When anyone asks us where to get a great Labrador, our response will be to call Steve and Amy Pappas at Bird Cray Gun Dogs in Portage, WI.

Daniel & Patricia Kopp, New Berlin, WI.

It has been just over a year since we got our Black Lab from Bird Crazy Gun Dogs and we couldn't be happier! We were so lucky to find such a great breeder who really knows and cares about all of their puppies and dogs. When it was time to meet the liter we would be choosing our puppy from, Steve and Amy had our family come out to spend time with all of the puppies. We couldn't believe how clean and well taken care of all of them were. They spent a few hours with us talking about training, food, and general care. Not ever did we feel rushed.

I have to say that Ruby, our black Lab, is probably the most well behaved, smart, family dog we have ever had. We always have people commenting on how beautiful she is and how well behaved she is. We just can't say enough good things about her. She is a fantastic dog!

I would highly recommend Bird Crazy Gun Dogs for your next hunting or family dog. It's nice to know you are getting a dog from people who genuinely care and know what they are doing and talking about. I can say that Steve and Amy take great pride in what they do with these dogs .

I guarantee that in a few years when we are looking to add another dog to our family we will be returning to Bird Crazy Gun Dogs without a doubt!


Jerry Meronk, Poynette WI.

I am retired Wisconsin Conservation Warden with nearly 30 years of service. I thought I knew something about hunting dogs, but after I met Steve and Amy Pappas I found out how little I actually knew. I've had several hunting companion dogs for most of my life, almost all Labradors. The've all been special and an important part of our family. My current Lab "Sunny" was just a puppy in 2010 when I read an article in the Wis State Journal about a dog training and breeding facility near Portage, called  Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. I decided to take Sunny to them to be trained. My eyes were opened and I'm still their. I've been volunteering at BCGD for almost 9 years. My job is attempting to shoot the Pheasants/Chuckers released and flushed by the dogs being trained. I'm not going into my record of shooting success, to many witnesses. I've observed first hand what type of dogs BCGD has for breeding and what type of puppies are born. They look like Labs are suppose to look and they act like Labs are suppose to act.  When the owners of the BCGD puppies choose to have them train their dogs, I don't know of any that have not been successful.

Bird Crazy Gun Dogs puppies are outstanding.

Josh Smith, DVM DACVECC,  Madison WI.

As a Veterinarian I am fairly particular about my pets. I was looking for my first Retriever and hunting dog and spent over 2 years looking for the right dog, from the right people. I found their web site by chance and decided to go out and meet them in person to get a feel for their dogs and their philosophy on breeding Labradors. I knew straight away that it was a perfect fit. Not only are their dogs beautiful but also intelligent and have that off switch that so many Labradors are missing. Their facilities are as nice as you'll find and their positive approach to training and hunting is refreshing and straight forward. I was so impressed with our puppy, Ethel, that when she was out for a month of training I decided to get a second dog from them. Jedediah has been an amazing addition. Both dogs are smart, athletic, love to train and are as sweet as can be. We couldn't be happier with our dogs and they are truly Bird Crazy.