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Jeff & Judy White, Kirkland IL.

We have a four month old yellow Lab from Steve & Amy. We have had many great Labs throughout our lives. So far this little man is the best temperament and ease to train than any we have had. It shows that Steve and Amy take significant efforts in addition to great physical attributes to breed excellent temperament and intelligence in their puppies. Our Vet was impressed with this puppy, going on and on about his great personality, stating he has controlled exuberance! That is what we wanted in a puppy, a very active energetic puppy that also can calm and be the perfect cuddly house pet. That is what we got from Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. Zuma goes outside and chases the ball with crazy drive energy and then will come in and snuggle up on my lap. Perfect dog to have! Although it has only been 4 months Amy and Steve repeatedly show that they really care about their puppies and how they are doing in their new home. This was very evident when we picked our puppy up. Each one seems like it is loved as if it was the only one in their home. What a great start for a puppy. Zuma has been the most enjoyable dog for us to train and of course to fall in love with. We are not planning on him to be a hunting dog but he already is running through agility tunnels and following hand signals consistently! What we received was a very energetic, smart, eager to please puppy that can be controlled and then calm down to be a super loving, snuggling, sweetheart. Perfect!!!. Regardless of your goal for a puppy I would not hesitate one bit to recommend buying a puppy from Steve and Amy.

Jeff and Judy White, Kirkland IL.

All photos are of Bird Crazy Gun Dogs, Puppies

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Jeff & Katie Bloomer, Sun Prairie, WI.

A dog is a family member, a companion and an investment. When it came time for us to get a hunting dog we researched a lot of breeders and their dogs and made site visits. After visiting Bird Crazy Gun Dogs, we instantly knew we wanted a Lab pup from Steve and Amy. They have a passion for their dogs, this is evident when you meet them. During our visit we met a few of Steve and Amy's dogs and were very impressed with their looks and temperament. Thought is put into each breeding. Their dogs have instinct in the field but are able to come back home and turn it off to be a family dog. Puppies are raised in their home and exposed to people, different sounds and smells from day one.

We had our Lab bird trained by Steve and Amy. If you plan to bird hunt your dog, we recommend Bird Crazy Gun Dogs for training. The second week of training we stopped out to watch our pup in action and he was flushing birds and retrieving. Steve and Amy are very knowledgeable. We tagged along during training and were given tips and advice to take home with us to use for successful hunts. Our pup is now 18 months old and so much fun to watch out in the field. He is an exceptional bird dog and we all have a blast.

We are happy with how our pup performs in the field but even more important to us is how he interacts with people, especially our toddler. He is loving, gentle and very tolerant. We have a lot of respect for Steve and Amy and their program. They truly care about their dogs and love to get updates on how their pups are doing. We couldn't be happier with our dog and strongly encourage a dog from Bird Crazy Gun Dogs.

It has been a little over four months since we picked up our little yellow Lab pup, Finnegan, that we purchased from Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. We couldn't be more impressed.

When we began our search for a breeder last January, we encountered a few less than desirable breeders. Then we found you! Bird Crazy is such a fantastic environment. After meeting your female Labs, we knew we wanted a pup from Shelby. We were even more convinced we were with the right breeder after geting to know the both of you.  We were impressed with your philosophy of breeding Labs not only as good hunting dogs, but as great family pets as well.

 After putting down a deposit for a male from Shelby's first litter, we were as excited as expectant parents! We appreciated the regular updates on Shelby's status, and we were elated to hear she had a beautiful litter of pups. We couldn't wait to visit them!

We were so impressed when we first got to visit the pups at four weeks old. You were caring for 25 pups all born ten days apart. We expected to find chaos and instead found a calm, clean, stress free environment for the pups. You were very nurturing to all the pups and gave them each, one on one time for bonding. As difficult as it was to not be able to take him home that day, we knew he was in very capable, loving hands.

On a hot August day, with great anticipation, we headed up to Portage to pick up Finn. All the pups were frolicking outside, under a shady tree, with a huge fan to keep them cool. Each litter of pups had their own fenced in area in which to play.

Since then, Finnegan has proven to be an exceptional puppy. Amy gave him the nick name, Mr. Personality, and she was spot on. Whenever we encounter people with Finn, they can't help but comment on what a beautiful puppy he is. Not only is he very handsome, but he is an awesome companion, has exhibited exceptional retrieving skills and has responded well to obedience training.

We are very excited to witness his continued growth and development and anticipate many seasons of great hunting and many years of exceptional companionship.

Thank you both for all your dedication. We have no reservations recommending Bird Crazy Gun Dogs to anyone!

Scott & Nancy Gore

Last May we purchased a female yellow lab from Steve and Amy. Right from the beginning she's been an excellent dog. We were so pleased she was crate trained when we brought her home. The first night she happily slept in her crate until early morning. At around 6 months she spent 4 weeks with Steve and Amy for hunting and obedience training. While at training, we observed her steady improvement each week. At her young age, she is already an excellent hunter, retrieving 40 birds to date! We are also pleased with her gentle temperament. She is an excellent hunter in the field and a wonderful companion in the house. Not only are Steve and Amy great trainers, they are very knowledgeable about breeding, researching, and testing their dogs for good genetics.

We are pleased with our entire experience with Steve and Amy and of course, our dog, Poppy!

Dennis and Sandra Kempken, Winneconne, WI.

Wisconsin Labrador Retriever breeder.

Marc Gonsiorowski, Milton WI.

Stop looking anywhere else! Give Steve and Amy a call. My best buddy is a fantastic female black lab that came from their female and the top male of the top lab breeder in the state. If you read their self description at the front page, it is 100% spot on. This is not your average breeder. My experience was one in a million. My puppy was raised inside their home. My two girls and wife and I went there every week from week 3 to week 7 to visit the puppies. They were cared for better than if it were myself. I bought my dog first as a family pet, and secondly as my hunting partner. Steve gave me tips on how to train her, and my one year old buddy hunts better than I ever dreamed. She started retrieving bumpers in the hallway at 7 weeks, and was gun trained at 10 weeks, socialized at every opportunity, bird trained by Steve at 6 months old, and retrieved marks in tall grass at 80 yards before she left school. I hunted with her this duck season, and we had the best of times. She was fantastic for a dog that is only 1 year old. Absolutely amazing. I am overjoyed with my experience and my hunting partner (crazy Sheba Nelli). If you want to see photos, ask Steve and Amy. We send them pictures all the time. If you want to talk to me about my dog, call Steve, and Amy for my number. But be prepared to hear me brag for an hour.

Jo Diaz, Wisconsin.

Steve and Amy were great to work with. We bought a Lab puppy from them in August of 2012. They provided more than adequate information about pedigree on both sides. They gave us a tour of their dog training facility. Everything was out in the open, nothing to hide, very clean. They made sure the puppies were ready for their new owners. Our kids got to sit in the whelping box with the puppies, and mother when they were just 1 week old. They let us visit as often as we wanted. They both gave lots of helpful training advice. We are very happy and impressed with our 6 month old puppy. We would certainly buy from them again in the future.

Jim Kohl, Cross Plains WI.

If you are in the market for a waterfowl or upland bird dog, or looking for training assistance with your own dog, Steve Pappas is a world class breeder and trainer. Steve and Amy Pappas own Bird Crazy Gun Dogs near Portage Wisconsin. I have known Steve for 35 years. He has assisted me with my last couple of yellow Labs, and I am excited about Jo Jo, our 1 year old yellow female. She comes from the Pappas kennels. She already hunts like a veteran. She is remarkable in the field, and a great dog in our home. I credit Steve and Amy with her temperament, her behavior, and the quality of her hunting skills. As a sales representative for Browning  Arms company, I interact with dozens of field dogs every year, and I hear all the horror stories. You will not be disappointed with your experiences with Steve and Amy.

Mike Nice, Richland Center, WI.

I thought everyone only deserves one good hunting dog in a lifetime. Then I met Steve and Amy and now I'm on my way to my second and probably the best yellow lab I've ever had. Lu Lu is so special as she turns up the intensity when it's game time but yet is able to turn it down at home. That to me is special. Lu Lu is now 15 months and in the process of becoming a service/work dog due to my profession and still remain an outstanding hunting companion in the field. This dog has the ultimate  demeanor for training and the family. I encourage all to check out Bird Crazy Gun Dogs.

We are breeders of Labrador Retrievers,  located in Portage Wisconsin

If you are interested in a puppy from Bird Crazy Gun Dogs, please feel free to call to discuss planned breedings.

Our Labrador Retriever females come from outstanding gun dogs. We believe mom is just as important as dad, she gives your puppy 50%. We would not breed a female if she was not outstanding in the field, or if she was a dog we could not live with. All of Our girls are good looking, intelligent, talented, bird crazy gun dogs. When choosing a sire we  breed only to talented males that possess the traits that compliment each of our females. Producing puppies that are classic looking, smart, hard charging gun dogs, and will be calm, faithful family companions.

"Remember, the apple does not fall too far from the tree".

Our puppies are raised in our home, we feel this is truly the only way to socialize a puppy.

  Puppies come with a CVI (Certified Veterinarian Inspection), and a 30 month health guarantee.

Dew claws removed, First set of shots, dewormed, and full AKC registration.

Labrador Sire, and Dam are OFA hips/elbows good, or excellent, eyes CERF clear, EIC, CNM, PRA clear.

Go to our Current Litters Page for information on our upcoming litters

Wisconsin Labrador breeders


Chip and Sue Courtney, Medford WI.

When we decided to purchase another Lab puppy we had a list of criteria that were essential for us including certified health, excellent breeding with some FC, MH, or SH titles in the past 3 generations, a reasonably calm demeanor, excellent drive, and well socialized since birth. Our dog needs to be first a great household companion and then a great hunter. After doing much research we visited Steve and Amy at Bird Crazy Gun Dogs . We saw their kennel, whelping area, met the mother of the pups, and got to watch them do some training. Their passion for the breed and love of the dogs was obvious immediately. Their whole operation is spotlessly clean and they are very attentive to all of the dogs - especially the pups. We've only had our new family friend Ozzy for a week now but I know we've found the dog that we were hoping to find. He loves people and all other animals. He's not afraid of new situations or things and he has a good "off switch" considering he's a Lab puppy. He's already learned "come" and "sit"and loves to chase a Pheasant wing on a string. He has a great nose and is very inquisitive. We are grateful to Amy and Steve for giving us the opportunity to add Ozzy to our family. We're looking forward to many years of companionship with him. I would absolutely recommend Bird Crazy Gun Dogs and Steve and Amy to anyone interested in a pup. If you have the same criteria that we did I highly doubt you'll find a better breeder or a better dog !

Chip and Sue Courtney

Dennis and Sandra Kempken, Winneconne WI.

Scott & Nancy Gore, Lake Geneva WI