We are a full service Labrador Retriever breeding  facility in Portage WI,

Offering one on one gun dog training for Pointing, Flushing, and Retriever breeds

Steve & Amy Pappas

N9029 Fox River Rd

Portage WI 53901


State of WI Licensed Breeder

Wisconsin Labradors

 LIC# 400521-DS

Breeding Labrador Retrievers , that look like they're supposed to,  hunt like they're supposed to, along with that all important off switch.

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Jo Jo


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Jo Jo, at 8 weeks old

7 week old Shaw puppy

If you are interested in a puppy from Bird Crazy Gun Dogs please feel free to call to discuss planned breedings.

Our Labrador Retriever females are wonderful family companions / gun dogs. We believe mom is just as important as dad, if not more. She will give your puppy at least 50%. Our girls are the foundation of our breeding program. We would not breed a female if she was not outstanding in the field, of if she was a dog we could not live with.

All of our girls are very good looking, intelligent, talented, Bird Crazy Gun Dogs.

When we choose a sire we breed only to talented males that possess the traits that compliment each of our females. Producing puppies that are classic looking, smart, hard charging gun dogs, and will be calm faithful family companions.


Specializing in smart, healthy, good looking, family companion / gun dogs.

Remember, "The apple does not fall to far from the tree"

Wisconsin labradors

All of our dogs are house dogs. We believe that dogs are not livestock. Here at Bird Crazy Gun Dogs you will not find a barn full of breeding dogs. A few of our dogs live with us, but most of our dogs live with friends, enjoying their lives as family companion / gun dogs.

12 week old Kay